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A Dramatic Reinvention of Mobile News/Talk Apps


What if your News/Talk station could have a mobile app that not only replayed your linear over-the-air stream, but also created something new?

That is, what if you could personalize the content to the individual consumer – news, traffic, weather? And what if it could be presented in a non-linear stream, unique to every individual?

That’s the promise of NewsBeat, a new platform built to give consumers the content they want whenever they want it – not just whenever it happens to run over the air.

Watch this Q&A and demonstration between me and Anil Panguluri, NewsBeat’s co-founder and CEO.

And while you watch this demo consider this:

Doesn’t an app like this put anybody in the audio information business?

Can’t any brand with an expectation for news now be a mobile audio news provider?

Can’t your TV competitor launch an app like this? Your local newspaper?

Can you see how the competitive field for audio information and entertainment is so much bigger and broader than what we used to call “radio”?

What’s limiting so many radio brands in the mobile space today is a lack of vision – the notion that the same thing audiences get over the air will be enough for them on a mobile device. Well it won’t be. A mobile device is not a radio – it’s an all new experience with all new capabilities and expectations.

Winning in mobile means more than showing up.

It means being all that you can be – and more than you already are.

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