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Increase Radio’s Profile at SXSW!

In this transmedia world of ours any gathering that attracts only folks from one medium is missing the point.

SXSW is no such gathering, and radio should be represented alongside music, film, and interactive.  Want to know where radio’s future is?  It’s in attendance at SXSW and other such conferences.

Now you have a chance to elevate radio’s role at SXSW and it’s only a click away.

If you think, as most everyone in radio does, that the current system of music royalties is an almost arbitrary crazy quilt mess of onerous free enterprise-killing penalties, then here’s your chance to do something about it.

SXSW panels are picked by you, the fans and attendees.  And Triton Digital is angling to produce a panel called The Royal(ties) Pain in the Music Industry’s A$$.

It will cover these topics:

  1. How much are broadcast, satellite and online radio sources paying in royalties?

  2. How did the discrepancy in royalties for broadcast, satellite and online radio come about?

  3. What are some of the recent legislations dealing with royalties?

  4. What challenges are preventing a standardized royalty rate?

  5. What are some potential solutions?

  6. How can those involved in the radio industry (broadcasters, record labels and artists) work together to maximize revenues for all parties involved?

Please go here and vote for this panel if you want radio to have a higher profile at increasingly influential conferences like SXSW.

You’ll have to register, but it’s easy.  Please do it.

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