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How Media can teach Technology to “Lean Back”

One of my top secret adventures recently included a day-long dialogue with a ton of super-smart trendwatchers in New York.

Folks from all corners of technology converged to focus on the question of what’s going to matter most over the next year or two.  The room was brimming with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, authors, thinkers, consultants, and academics.  It was a joy to be in their presence.

I may have been one of the few media people in the crowd, and I was almost alone as a representative of radio.  That gave me a chance to provide some “old media” perspective to a gathering of technologists who may forget that not everything great was invented in the last five minutes.

Many of our “fire-starters” were recorded, and mine focused on the difference between “lean forward” and ‘lean back” technology.

These are not new terms, obviously, but I made the point that there are things technologists could learn from “lean back” even as the world and its technologies move in the direction of “lean forward.”

Here’s the video shot on location in New York which sums up this theme for a wonderful audience of technologists and thinkers:


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