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hivio Streams Live Friday at 9am PT

If you missed day one of hivio you can catch a replay of the live stream here:

And you can watch day 2 live at 9am PT on Friday! Just click the image below.


In addition to some amazing presentations and Q&A’s, we will host a special “Millennial Meetup” where typical 20-somethings talk about how they interact with audio, what they listen to, when, and why. It should be fascinating. And it’s only live in person or by live stream.

Again, we start on Friday at 9am PT.

There you’ll also see the full agenda for both days of the event.

Also like us on Facebook and you’ll get all the updates as the event is underway.

We’re on Twitter here.

And use #hivio on Facebook and Twitter.

See you LIVE from LA.

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