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hear2.0 is dead, long live the Mark Ramsey Media Blog

This is the last time you’ll be reading a post on hear2.0.

And if you’re reading this post by email, it’s the last time it will look like this.

Effective immediately, I am merging the hear2.0 blog into my company site at as it completes its transformation from caterpillar into digital butterfly.

If you have been reading this blog for some time, rest assured only the name is changing, not the content, not the style, not the perspective, and not the depth of thinking. It has never been a place to pitch my wares and it never will be. It has always been and always will be about providing value to you, the readers, listeners, and viewers.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to lift a finger. All the ways you have been accessing this content will still work.

If you are reading this by email, the next edition of this blog will look different, so don’t flip out and unsubscribe.

When you visit the home for what is now the less catchy-sounding but easier to spell Mark Ramsey Media Blog (it’s tabbed on the company site), what you’ll see will be something altogether different from anything you will find from anyone else who works the business side of radio.

You will find boatloads of content. Video, audio, and complete archives of all prior posts.

You will find state-of-the-art interactivity, include login access through most social media tools.

You’ll find a digital destination that is worthy of a company that aims to speed the transition from radio’s analog past to its digital future.

It’s important for me to walk the talk so as to help you do the same.

Thanks to my friends at Digital Operative who put up with my crap for months as we developed this new site.

Stop by, kick up your feet, and watch, listen, and read what you’ve been missing.

Media is everything and all of us.

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