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An On-Demand World? Somebody tell Sirius XM

It’s an on-demand world.

How many times have you heard that?

Consumers – especially younger ones – can’t begin to fathom anything as quaint and antiquated as “appointment viewing” or “appointment listening” because everything and anything they want is available now, in one form, another, or all of them at once.

If there’s any brand that imagines an alternate universe where none of this is true, it’s Sirius XM.

Content is their mantra over at Sirius XM, and there are more than 100 channels to find that content.  Each one littered with a “special” this or an “exclusive” that.  Each one featuring content aired on particular days and at particular times. Each one using each other one to cross-promote the very types of appointments nobody makes anymore to people who are only remotely likely to care.

What fresh Hell is this?

Does anybody know what’s on and when it’s on Sirius XM?

Not only don’t you know, even the people who work there don’t know.

Sirius XM is like that box you buy at the estate auction that has tons of mystery stuff in it but you can’t explore any of it until you actually buy the box.

And it doesn’t help that virtually no Sirius XM device allows you to schedule recordings of can’t-miss programming, because evidently Sirius has decided there’s no programming so important you can’t be allowed to miss it.

One would think that a subscription to Sirius XM might invite you to a universe of on-demand content where you could sample and subscribe via RSS to any thread of content that interested you.

One would think that such a subscription would evaluate what you like and recommend other things you might like based on those preferences.

One would think that you’d never have to miss something that interests you on Sirius XM.

One would think that this would not only increase your satisfaction with Sirius XM, but would also increase the service’s value proposition and its subscription momentum.

One would think.

But evidently one would be wrong.

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