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A Tale of Two Streaming Brands

In the past few weeks I have connected with two wildly different broadcasters.

Both were smart and skilled with successful radio stations under their command.

Both were located in smallish markets.

But one is on course to bill a quarter of a million dollars strictly from their streaming effort, while the other asked whether there was any reason they shouldn’t abandon streaming altogether, financial black hole that it is.

How can two smart broadcasters have such polar opposite experiences with regard to monetizing their online radio streams?

It’s all about the way you think and the things you do.

The broadcaster who set out to bill all that money developed a strategy for content and a strategy for sales and then rolled out a plan that continues to evolve over time.  That broadcaster is driven to monetize their online streams.

The other broadcaster (and this could easily be most broadcasters) didn’t want it enough, didn’t have anyone in-house who understands it, didn’t have clients begging for it (who does?), and didn’t have any champions for it.

What’s missing in this case isn’t just the plan but the will to make that plan work.

Where there’s the will there will be a way.

And a profitable way at that.

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