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A New Tool to Make Audio Advertising Interactive – XAPPmedia


You know the radio spots that give you an 800-number – and repeat it four times?

Don’t you just love that?

Or the ones that ask you to call a number and leave your email on the answering machine?

Sounds efficient, doesn’t it?

Have you ever wished for an audio advertising experience that was more direct, more interactive, and didn’t require new chips in your mobile phone or a pad and pen at the ready 24/7/365?

XAPPmedia is one company looking to provide that interactive experience.

I talked with Pat Higbie, XAPPmedia’s CEO, who told me about the technology and demonstrated how it works.

XAPPmedia’s goal is to enable audio app consumers to connect directly with brands through voice and drive instant conversions for advertisers while increasing yield on the publisher’s ad inventory.

Bottom line: More value for the consumer, more results for the advertiser, and more money for the publisher.

This is must-watch for radio broadcasters and others in the audio entertainment and information space. Click the video:

What’s interesting about this, among other things, is that it represents audio interactivity – no screens or manual tapping required.

Prefer audio? Try this:

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