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Z100’s on your mobile phone

Once again, Clear Channel shows the way:

Clear Channel Radio today announced the launch of a national roll out of mobile radio programming that further extends its local radio station brands, and expands the platforms to which it is distributing content. The initiative kicks off with New York’s number one hit music station, WHTZ-FM Z100 streaming live radio and new features directly to cell phones across the country serviced by Cingular Wireless. Clear Channel Radio expects to launch similar programs on up to 100 more of its radio stations in the next 12 months.

Nationwide, 69% of CHR fans use a mobile phone (this statistic is from our own unpublished data). That’s many more CHR fans than the number who own mp3 players or subscribe to satellite radio.

As audio listening options multiply only the strong brands will survive – and Z100 is one of CCU’s strong brands. And when you have a strong brand the move is to leverage its content across as many channels as possible – to go where the audience is rather than whereever you want them to be.

Clear Channel seems to be at the forefront of our industry in this regard. Watch and learn.

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