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You’ll Want to Hear This

The final blockbuster chapter of my 6-part podcast inspired by the making of the movie Psycho wraps up in horrifying fashion today, and I invite you to hear it.

It’s Inside Psycho.

If you hear none of the previous chapters, please catch this final one. It charts the sorrowful decline of Alfred Hitchcock, the way he was shunned by his Hollywood peers, and the love that made it all worthwhile. It also illustrates the legacy of Psycho and wraps up with a tale that is best heard with the lights…out.

This chapter is my favorite because it’s the part of the story that makes the whole series worthwhile. It’s a story of risk, reward, and the consequences of great success. It’s the rise and fall. It’s a story any entrepreneur can understand, one any writer or artist or musician of any kind will recognize. It’s bigger than a movie, folks.

Response to the show has been remarkable. It was featured by Apple, and spent days at #8 on the iTunes chart (or do I call it the Apple Podcast chart now?), #1 in the TV/Film category. And it has been greeted with some amazing media attention, including this humbling review in the highly regarded film site Indiewire which compared the series to FX’s award-winning Fargo, and another favorable piece in The Guardian, which called the show “chilling, complex, and unpredictable.”

Thanks to my partner in sound design Jeff Schmidt, whose talents really shine here – this is a masterclass in audio production, folks.

And thanks to my friends at Wondery who made Inside Psycho possible and gave it the stage it needed.

We set out to create a TV show without pictures, an audio graphic novel, and I hope we succeeded. We aimed to make something which proves how powerful audio can be, and I hope we did.

Thank you for listening.

Here’s the entire series:

Make sure to subscribe to the series on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts) if you haven’t yet.

Or listen at the Inside Psycho show page at Wondery.

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