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Will radio ever be built into an iPod?

Great post from Jacobs Media on the wish list for iPod features by teens – a list topped by FM radio, according to the study noted.

Interestingly, a close look at the results indicate that more than one out of three teens are interested in almost everything being added to their iPods.

And what’s peculiar about that is that such gadgets are indeed on the market. But they aren’t manufactured by Apple and they don’t have 75% of the mp3 player market, the way the iPod does.

The simplicity and elegance of the iPod – in conjunction with its functionality, Apple cred, and stylish design – are the key things it has going for it. It does what it does very well. It is not a swiss army knife.

Thus there is no chance – none whatsoever – that Apple computer will ever in a million years add an FM (or HD) radio to their shiny little miracle child. And if you think I’m wrong, go ask Mr. Jobs for yourself.

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