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WHY there’s an “App for That”

The best argument for why you – or your clients, for that matter – could benefit from their own branded app is not “because everyone seems to have one” or “because my competitor has one.”

Nor is it because “I have to get my stream on a mobile device.”

The best argument is because mobile devices and the applications which power their potentialities are central to the experience of consumers, especially the younger ones who have never known a world without them.

And that argument is well-framed in this presentation from Marta Kagan.

But keep this in mind:  It’s not about being on iPhones, it’s about what you can do with your app once you’re there.

Woe unto you if tunnel vision leads you to replicate the radio experience and provide little additional value.

Apps are crucibles for value creation, not simply mobile versions of radios.

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