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TV wins, Radio loses…

…at least in San Diego.

So I hear all about the London terror arrests and local delays at the San Diego airport. New rules are in effect, I hear on the radio (public radio, by the way).

Now I’m getting on a plane tomorrow, so obviously I want to know more.

I get into the office and go to the website for “News Radio” KOGO, San Diego’s commercial radio news leader. There I see a link to the story that is exactly one paragraph long with no supporting information.

Fortunately I have an email waiting for me from one of the local TV stations with a link to the video of President Bush discussing the busted plot. On that page there’s also a link to the new security measures (so I know how to pack) and a link for airport delays at my specific airport.

In other words, all my questions were answered at the TV station’s website. None of my questions were answered at the website for the radio station that purports to be San Diego’s ground zero for news.

I hope your news station fares better.

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