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The questionable value of a “No Repeat Tweet”

It turns out that a good Tweet, like a good song, demands repetition.

So said Guy Kawasaki at the recent Radio Ink Convergence conference.  Guy schedules Tweets to run up to four times.  It's not spam, he argues, when these folks are following you willingly.  And running them at different times on different days maximizes the chance that the message reaches somebody new and minimizes the potential for annoyance.

Mark Suster at Cloud Ave. weighs in with his experiments in timing Tweets – specifically on the question of how many times is too much. Sometimes he would send a Tweet at 7pm and then again at 7.30am the next morning. "I wanted to see two things: Would the second (or sometimes even third Tweet) convert enough people to my blog to make it worth potentially annoying some people on Twitter? And would I get a reaction from the Twitter community telling me it was too much?"  His conclusion? If your goal is to send a Tweet that converts to people to a blog post sending more than one Tweet is recommended. "I would assert that people following you by definition are more likely to want to see content from you and therefore you're better off sending 2 versus 1 Tweets."

So do you schedule your tweets?  How many times?

Assuming you have something Tweet-worthy, of course.

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