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Tech toys are a girl’s best friend

A new study sponsored by the Oxygen network proposes to bust some assumptions you might have about what women want.

The results of the study are in plain sight, but the methodology is so closely guarded I could find no scent of it anywhere in any article referencing the study (and they’re all dutiful copies of the same news release) or even on Oxygen’s website. Thus, you should interpret these results with an appropriate amount of skepticism.

So what should you be awarding as prizes in your contests? Maybe not what you think:

Given the choice, tech items are generally preferred over luxury items like jewelry or vacations

Big screen TV vs. Bling – it’s the plasma all the way – 77% prefer a new plasma TV vs. a diamond solitaire necklace – 56% prefer a new plasma TV vs. a weekend vacation in Florida

Cell phone vs. Stilettos. It’s the cell phone, hands down. – 78% of women prefer a new top-of-the-line cell phone with all the latest features and a sleek new design vs. designer shoes

Shoes Lose Again! – 86% prefer new digital video camera vs. designer shoes – 90% prefer media center PC vs. designer shoes

Women would choose an iPod over a little black dress (or a romantic dinner, massage, or a girls night out). When asked what they would buy if they had $500 to spend, – 37% of women chose a new iPod, cell phone, digital camera, or other tech device – 35% of women chose a shopping spree at a clothing store – 18% of women chose a romantic evening with someone special – 7% of women chose spa treatments – 4% of women chose a night on the town with friends

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