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Study of AAA fans shows impact of new technology on listening choices

From SBR Creative Media comes the latest in their annual series of online surveys among AAA format fans (that’s the eclectic adult singer-songwriter-tinged format for you AAA newbies out there).

Click here and look for the PDF link for the study results.

Among the notable quotes:

Streaming of radio stations and internet-only audio channels was another growth area over the past two year with 55% of respondents saying they’ve listened to local, out-of-town, or internet-only radio stations in the past month. Monthly streamers of local radio stations increased 27% while monthly streamers of internet-only channels increased 36% between the 2004 and 2006 surveys. “We think the results continue to underscore the importance of streaming and reaching the streaming audience for radio”, said Rahn. “So much media attention is given to the growth of satellite pay radio, but pay radio’s subscribers are a fraction of the number of listeners who are streaming on a regular basis. And streaming –whether it’s a live stream or a separately programmed side channel – is something radio broadcasters can do,” added Rahn.

Here are some other tidbits (remember, these are not general radio listeners, they are AAA fans):

– Ownership of a portable MP3 player (iPod or other brand) has jumped from 13% to 48% in two years. – Listening to an iPod/MP3 player as the primary music choice is up over 400% in two years. – IPod/MP3 users (48% of total) and Downloaders (33% of total) spend far less time listening to music on FM radio than the total. – iPod/MP3 Users and Downloaders are more likely to buy CDs than the total. – CDs purchases as the primary way to obtain music has decreased significantly. – Satellite listenership has grown 166% in two years but total audience still pales compared to audiences of other music choices like FM, internet, iPods, etc.

While there at SBR’s site, check out the artist birthday list: It’s the place to learn that Michael Stipe and I are the same age and rejoice that I seem to have weathered Mother Nature’s storm rather better than Micbael.

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