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So THAT’S How Apple’s PR Team Really Does It!


Want to peek behind the curtain of Apple’s PR machine?

That’s just what branding authority and celebrated author Tom Asacker and I do in episode 3 of Media Unplugged, our new twice-monthly podcast where we go behind the big media spin to spell out what’s really happening and what it means for media, brands, and consumers.

Plus, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars managed to find an actual star this time – assuming you’re a fan of Bethany Mota on YouTube. What does that say about “stars” and the power of attention in 2014?

Also, Tom rants about stupid media questions like “What’s your strategy for defeating Isis?”

And I rant about the pseudo-event that was the line in front of Apple stores on the day the iPhone 6 was announced.

Media Unplugged is fast-paced, fun, informative, insightful, and short. Who could ask for anything more? Please give it a listen!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Media Unplugged at Stitcher or on iTunes.

And tweet us at @tomasacker and @markramseymedia using #mediaunplugged if you have any comments or content ideas.

Just click the “play” button here:

And if you’re reading this via email, here’s the link to the audio.

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