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Satellite Radio is Terrestrial Radio’s partner

XM Sees Revenue, Subs Up, Net Loss Narrowing For Q3 XM SATELLITE RADIO HOLDINGS third quarter revenue jumped 57% to $240 million and net loss narrowed 36% to $84 million. The company ended the quarter with 7,185,873 subscribers, a 43% year-to-year increase, with net additions of 286,002 for the quarter from gross additions of 868,007. Note that this increase was during a period in which one of XM’s signature properties, the Opie & Anthony show, was appearing for FREE on CBS Radio stations scattered across the country.

Unless you believe that XM would have grown more without selling parts of O&A to CBS (and I don’t), then what does this tell you about satellite radio? What does it tell you about content? What does it tell you abut terrestrial radio?

Among other things, it means that Wall Street doesn’t understand satellite radio’s story.

And neither may satellite radio.

Satellite is not radio’s enemy. It is radio’s partner. One day the powers-that-be will figure this out.

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