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Representing Radio at SXSW

One of the drumbeats at the recent hivio radio ideas festival was that broadcasters spend too much time in their radio-only silos and not nearly enough time crossing media and conference boundaries to mingle with new people and new ideas (indeed, this was one of the motivating drives behind hivio in the first place).

Here’s a chance for you to change that.

Patrick Reynolds, Chief Strategy Officer of Triton Digital, is trying to get a session related to radio and audio on the agenda for the upcoming SXSW conference (you and I are the folks that vote for the “winning” sessions for SXSW). You want radio to be represented, right? You want to be able to say to your boss, “Here’s yet another reason you should pay for me to go to SXSW!”

Come on now, make radio proud. Go here and cast your vote for the session! And tell your friends to do likewise!

Then, just click here to tweet the message to your associates!

More about the session:

Smart Watches, Consoles and Fridges – Oh My!

Description In the good old days, music was sent from a tower to a box in listeners’ homes. Today, music is streamed digitally to computers, tablets, phones, cars and even gaming consoles. And tomorrow? Will you be listening to your watch or your refrigerator?

By 2020, ABI Research predicts more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things, a virtual network of uniquely identifiable objects. As that network grows, audio consumption and monetization are certain to undergo drastic change too – a revolution that could be as disruptive as the arrival of digital has been over the last decade.

As it becomes simpler for everyday devices to stream audio, this session will take a look at how music will follow us throughout our lives on devices we never would’ve mistaken for a radio in the past. In this next generation of music listening, everything from the types of services we use, content ownership, music curation and monetization are primed for disruption.

Five questions this session will answer:

  1. Question 1 As the Internet of Things grows, what new devices might be used to consume music in the future? What is likely in the next year? Five years? Ten?

  2. Question 2 How will audio consumption habits change when music is available on everything from gaming consoles to refrigerators? How has it changed already with the adoption of smartphones and streaming in-car?

  3. Question 3 What will monetization look like in the new ecosystem? Who will own content across devices, and how will it be managed?

  4. Question 4 How will existing streaming services need to adapt in order to survive and thrive? Will we create the soundtrack to our lives, or will curation be more limited as device options expand?

  5. Question 5 Will the expanding Internet of Things be better or worse for artists and labels looking to grow audiences and profit from the streaming of their music?

So come on, vote!

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