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“Pandora is Clearly Radio”

“Pandora is clearly radio,” not – as some folks insist on arguing, a “feature.”

So says Daniel Ek, CEO of music service Spotify, who believes that Spotify and Pandora can peacefully coexist in much the same way that music stores and radio coexisted (until the digital earth moved, disrupting brick-and-mortar music stores out of existence).

Watch the full conversation with Ek here:

“We want to manage your music – we want to hold your music collection,” says Ek.  This is a tangibly different proposition from the passive experiencing of content that characterizes radio or (for the most part) Pandora.

Ek is consciously distinguishing Spotify from Pandora and from radio and placing it more in the category of music services that are likely to arise from Apple and Google.

How will all these music-oriented forces interact?  It’s too soon to tell.

What I can say now, however, is that music fans – particularly active ones who tweak their playlists – are not characteristic of most people most of the time. For those people we have radio.

And Pandora.

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