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Pandora at 125 Million

No matter how many or how few listeners are tuned to Pandora at any given moment, 125 million registered users is a whole lot.

Think of the registered user count as analogous to the number of people who own radios.  Owning a radio is being “registered to use” radio.  While the Pandora numbers fall far short of radio’s “registered” distribution, the numbers move closer by the day.

It seems obvious to me that Pandora will become an increasingly attractive alternative for radio’s traditional advertisers as radio’s reach advantage continues to diminish.

Given that streaming is not unique to Pandora – that radio can play in that game, too (and with a much louder and larger megaphone) – this should be viewed as an opportunity for a larger market for all.

In this video, Pandora’s Tim Westergren talks to USA Today about their huge increase in registered users, their global opportunity, and Clear Channel’s challenge to their online radio empire – is it a threat or validation of everything Pandora stands for?

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