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More mobile competition for Radio

Every tech-head’s favorite topic at the end of this week is Apple’s new iPhone, which is finally available.

Along with the phone comes a new application store from Apple where countless goodies can be downloaded for free or for cheap. And these include a bunch of applications which enable radio-like experiences, whether your station is invited or not.

One of those comes from Pandora. Here’s what USA Today had to say:

Another new application is from Pandora, which lets you create customized Internet radio stations. Pandora is already available on other phones from AT&T and Sprint, for a monthly fee. On the iPhone, it is free. That makes it “a credible alternative to broadcast (radio),” in part because iPhones can be plugged into car stereos, founder Tim Westergren says.

“A credible alternative to broadcast radio.”

No Wi-Max required.

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