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iTunes Radio cometh?

Hints of something new from those busy bees in Cupertino.

From Orbitcast:

On AT&T’s site, it explains a bit about [a] new data plan: While using data on iPhone is free within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, International data roaming can get expensive quickly. Consider that just 20 minutes of iTunes® radio takes 20MB of data. That’s why AT&T has created two iPhone International packages with more reasonable rates in 29 countries. Hmmm… iTunes radio? Engadget super-sleuth Ryan Block is quick to point out that this can’t be the iTunes WiFi store, because that’s, well, over WiFi. Smells like something is cookin’ over there in Cupertino.

I told you this was coming, gang. And I told you this wouldn’t have anything to do with your station.

Increasingly, those of us in radio who serve the same listeners who own iPods are going to have to ask ourselves this question: What is the core competency of our station, and how does it make us both unique and best-in-the-world?

That’s how you make radio pod-proof.

Postscript: By midday today, AT&T’s website had removed the reference to “iTunes Radio.” Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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