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Inside Psycho Is One Of The “50 Best” Podcast Episodes of the Year

Indiewire is one of the leading trade publications in the movies/tv space, and they just named one episode from my Wondery podcast Inside Psycho as one of the 50 best of the year (so far).

It’s #10 on the list, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Here’s their writeup:

We’ve sung the praises of Mark Ramsey’s six part Wondery series about the origins of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho.” It’s worth repeating again how fully and eerily this opening episode places any listener in the psyche of a serial killer. The history of Ed Gein is told through a fragmented mixture of first-hand testimony, evocative prose and a genuinely creepy soundscape. It’s true horror for the ears, the best tribute to its source material.

Thanks to the gang at Indiewire. I am very grateful! And thanks once again to the folks at Wondery and to my amazing sound design collaborator, Jeff Schmidt. This is a credit to you all.

And, naturally, if you haven’t heard the show yet, now’s your excuse to listen.

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