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Inside JAWS Nominated for iHeartRadio Podcast Award

Today iHeartRadio announced their first-ever podcast awards to take place before a live audience in LA next January.

And I’m proud to announce that our series – Inside JAWS – has been nominated!

Hooray, team! What a pleasure and an honor to be on such a short list of great series!

The way the winner is chosen is via social media prowess, so I would be grateful if you enjoyed the series enough to vote for it here.

That said, the honor is really in the nomination as far as I’m concerned, so thanks to my irreplaceable and hugely talented sound design collaborator Jeff Schmidt who shares equally in this honor.

Also thanks to the crew at Wondery who helped make this series possible and have always taken great pride in it: Hernan Lopez, Marshall Lewy, Karo Chakhlasyan, and the rest of the fine crew.

We are trying hard to do great work, and to be acknowledged for that is a real treat.

So vote for us. And if by chance you haven’t listened to Inside JAWS yet…Well, summer may be over but your listening window has a few more sun-soaked beach days to go. Listen here.

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