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Chevrolet’s Plan for Built-In Wi-Fi In Your Car


There’s a tendency for some broadcasters to put too much faith in the idea that consumers will prefer traditional radio over the online variety because of scarce and expensive bandwidth. But the reality is that bandwidth is neither that scarce nor that expensive, when compared to the value derived from it.

And one way to circumvent the limitations of your mobile phone’s bandwidth altogether is to access the net from another hotspot.

Like, say, your car.

That’s exactly Chevrolet’s plan. It’s already on display in the 2015 Malibu and Impala, and it’s coming soon to fourteen more 2015 models.

Watch this demonstration of Chevy’s commitment to the platform:

What happens when the dashboard moves from the front seat to every seat in the car?

That dramatically alters what we mean by “dashboard strategy” and should focus us instead on the more significant overall digital strategy: How to give consumers and our clients what they want and need, whenever they want it, wherever they are, on the platforms of their choosing.

If you see the world as buttons on a dash, you’re not seeing the world that’s coming.

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