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Your talent can host a webinar

One of the key opportunities available to radio in the years to come is to broaden the scope and breadth of our connection and involvement with listeners via the web.

And that doesn’t have to mean big expenses and lots of trouble.

Take a page from Dr. Laura.

She recently hosted a web seminar (or “webinar”), and here’s the report, from the source, GoToWebinar:

Radio personalities and their audiences usually get to interact in just one way – over the air waves. That’s why the recent GoToWebinar event hosted by Dr. Laura Schlessinger on February 28, 2007, was such a treat: Dr. Laura was able to reach her audience visually as well as aurally, and the 921 attendees [the maximum for this service is 1,000] were able to submit questions for her to answer in real time. During the one-hour event Dr. Laura highlighted the main points of her new book, The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage, and fielded relationship questions from the audience. Using the GoToWebinar Q & A feature, she received over 500 questions, which her assistant narrowed down to about 40 (a good example of how a co-organizer can help). Dr. Laura was amazed at how easy GoToWebinar is to use and loved being able to gather information about her audience both before and after the event by using customized registration questions and a post-event survey. “This is pretty exciting,” she said. “I am probably going to host more Webinars in the future, because this was painless.” Meanwhile, the webinar is recorded and lives indefinitely online and can be viewed by anyone at any later time. So that 900 will no doubt multiply.

If you want to check out the Dr. Laura webinar go here [note: You’ll have to enter your email address].

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