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You Will Probably Do the Opposite of This


Why don’t we do what we know we need to do to make a difference in the world or our own industry?

Or even a difference in our own lives?

In the radio space, for example, the majority of managers will nod agreeably at the roster of must-do’s facing the industry, the stuff they know they need to do.

Then, more often than not, they do exactly the opposite.


Why is change so hard? Why do we do the opposite of what we need to do even when innovative action is so critical?

Because “we’re mad, feeling creatures being pushed and pulled by our environments, by our truths.”

So says my good friend, author and change agent Tom Asacker.

“Facts” are different from “truths,” you see; “Information doesn’t move us,” says Tom, “desire does.”

And desire sprouts and blossoms around the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

“Who we think we are is why we do what we do.”

Take it from J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote: “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.”

What are you dreaming?

And what dreams do your brands make possible?

Watch Tom’s dynamite TED presentation:

And stay tuned for a new project I’m working on with Tom.

It debuts in August.

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