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XM conversion at 50% is bad news?!

From Inside Radio:

…Yet XM says it converted just 53% of new car buyers into XM subscribers. That means owners of half the cars equipped with XM included aren’t even bothering to subscribe once the trial offer expires.

Are you serious?

Help me understand this spin-city logic: One out of every two people who try something decide to subscribe at $13/month – and this is viewed as bad news by the radio trades?

I doubt very much this is viewed as bad news by XM!

Have you ever grabbed a free food sample in a supermarket? Have you purchased the product you sampled 50% of the time? Has it even been 25% of the time? 10%?

Was this editorial comment written with any knowledge of what consumer sample rates are like for a wide range of products, let alone a subscription-priced technology product?

I doubt it.

Let me assure you in no uncertain terms that when one of every two samplers purchases the product they are sampling that is an outstanding conversion rate.

Any other conclusion is just de Nile.

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