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Wi-Fi Everywhere comes to Philadelphia

The long debated issue is now resolved and ready for testing: Assuming a positive outcome, 135 square miles in the heart of the Philadelphia MSA will be covered with wireless Internet access by late 2007. Access will be $20 per month – less for low income households. And that’s a bargain.

As wireless Internet coverage moves from hotspots to all spots we’ll see more mobile and portable Internet devices, many of which will be capable of streaming music.

Already your mobile phone is moving in that direction – without any Wi Fi guarantees or necessities.

The implications for radio will be profound when there are channels other than radio which can serve the same function and utility (and many of those channels are available now in early forms). Right now we’re in a sweat over satellite radio, but that’s only one such example.

Is your radio station – your radio group – prepared to compete in a multi-channel world? One where music and other programming zoom through the air without beginning at your tower or ending at a radio?

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