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Why stuff needs to be simple…

…including – and especially – technology.

Wanna know the most common question I get by people who don’t know what a DVR or TiVo is, once I tell them how much I love mine?

I go on and on about the power of it all, the ability to backtrack, to mindlessly record anything you want without paying much attention to the process, about the ability to stop a live broadcast dead in its tracks for a spare refrigerator moment.

You can rewind and replay what you’ve just seen LIVE, I tell them.

And do you know what virtually everyone has asked me then?

“Can you also fast-forward ahead of what’s being broadcast?”

In other words, they want to know if the DVR can take me into the future.

As much as that’s a feature worth having, I’m forced to disappoint them.

Simplicity, folks, simplicity.

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