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Why should Detroit pay attention to HD radio?

From Inside Radio:

HD Radio hits a “significant milestone” — 1,000 HD stations on the air. HD Radio Alliance CEO Peter Ferrara says “I sure hope they’re paying attention in Detroit” — because the industry needs the automakers on its side.

“I sure hope they’re paying attention in Detroit”?!

Here’s what Detroit will pay attention to:

1. The money broadcasters will pay them to liquidate their expense in providing HD radios as a standard feature 2. The sales for HD radios on the market, regardless of whether there are one or a million and one stations in HD 3. The number of inquiries they get directly from customers via their dealer network demanding HD radio 4. The sense from their own internal research that the presence of HD radio will lead consumers to buy the car that has it over the one that doesn’t 5. The idea that they can make more money by offering HD radio than they can be not doing so

Imagining that any other notions will motivate the decision-making of Detroit automakers is naive in the extreme.

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