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Why Christian Radio can kick an AC’s ass

In some of my markets, Mainstream AC stations are confronted with powerful Christian competitors. Unquestionably, some of the growth for these Christian stations has come at the Mainstream AC’s expense.

But what does Mainstream AC think about this? How do they respond?

I’ve had a discussion with one station in a very large market with a formidable Christian competitor. The unfortunate advice from their research company was to ignore the “safety” theme (for example) because this is “owned” by the Christian competitor. Every time you open the mic, the argument goes, you’re advertising the strengths of your Christian competition.

This is both wrong and dumb.

What the Christian station is doing is speaking to its listeners’ lives. What your Mainstream AC is doing is speaking to their music tastes.

Now which appeal do you think is likely to be more compelling?

The one that views me as a human being or the one that sees me as a music test respondent?

Ignore the heart and you’ll lose the head. And the head is what records listening in diaries.

Meanwhile you are facilitating the building of a Christian AC empire.

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