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Who Attends the NAB Radio Convention?

Here are the NAB’s own stats:

Owner/Chairman/President 17% Consultant 4% Corporate Management 11% Production/Editor 2% Engineering 11% Research/Development 2% Sales/Marketing 10% On-Air Personality 2% Station Management 8% Educator/Corporate Trainer 1% Programming 5% IT/IS/Corporate MIS 1%

What surprises me about this:

– This adds to only 74% of the total. Does that mean that 26% are exhibitors/vendors? If so, that’s by far the largest group of attendees.

– The second largest group, Owner/Chairman/President, is also the same group most likely to be in their hotel room doing deals, not walking the convention floor, registration notwithstanding.

– There are about as many consultants as programmers!

– There are more than twice as many engineering people in attandance as programmers!

– There are more than twice as many corporate managers present than programmers – and we know that programmers vastly outnumber corporate managers (and consultants) in the Real World.

I’m really surprised NAB even publishes these stats. They tell a story some might not like to see.

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