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Where’s Your Morning Show’s Blog (or Plog)?

Most folks have never heard of the term “blog,” now you have to figure out what a “plog” is.

A “plog” is a personalized blog. It’s an invention of

Which brings me to my main point, and this is the last time I’m going to harp on this.

If you have an entertainment-based morning show, you must must must have them create blogs. Why?

1. Because it’s a way to open a dialogue with your listeners which drives them to your website and ricochets them back to the station. 2. Because blog posts are informative little advertisements for your morning show which listeners will subscribe to or email to each other. 3. Because it gives listeners – and the on-air folks – something to talk about, thus spreading word of mouth. 4. Because listeners can respond to posts and engage the talent in a way that’s otherwise impractical or impossible. 5. And finally, because it’s bound to help your ratings.

It works for FOX NEWS’s Greta Van Susteren, it can work for you, too.

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