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Where’s your cause?


The experts in generating word-of-mouth all preach the principle of creating a cause. As Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba put it:

Focus on making the world, or your industry, better.

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that causes are not only for the stations which primarily target women. What about causes for guys, and not just the ones that link “toys” and “tatas.”

Specifically, why aren’t there Rock or Alternative stations linked to Bono’s effort? It’s a slick campaign to end hunger that’s gotten tons of publicity – most recently in a week-long series on NBC Nightly News.

I know, the concerns of Africa are not necessarily those of your local community. But just because they aren’t doesn’t mean they can’t be. Or shouldn’t be.

And with Bono at the cutting edge of this issue, maybe your station should be, too.

When you stand for something, it brings you humanity. And humanity brings you personality. And personality makes you more interesting and more attractive.

Ask your spouse.

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