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When satellite radio isn’t satellite radio…

As alluded to frequently in this blog (and elsewhere) the future of satellite radio includes a heaping portion of moving pictures. And this new announcement from Sirius is one such example, and a cool one at that.

Check out the comments from Orbitcast on risk factors for the new technology – these are on target, I think. Sirius will surely face competition from other delivery systems, but – as I have often said – when there are multiple ways to deliver content to consumers it’s the strongly branded content – the good stuff, the cream of the crop – that will rise to the top.

And with key “backseat” name brands like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network in their corner – not to mention their OEM partnership with Chrysler – Sirius is well positioned for the next phase of its evolution from a radio company to a media one.

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