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When radio ignores under-25’s, under-25’s go away

I don’t understand the fuss.

EDISON RESEARCH’s latest study focuses on 12-17-year-olds and finds TSL down 22% since 1993, while TSL among 18-24s is off 24% in the same time frame. 11% of boys 12-17 say they listen to no radio at all, which the research firm calls a “significant increase.”

Arbitron has already shown declines among teens (see the stats from the NYT article below), a phenomenon which is easily explained and should surprise us not at all. Ditto for 18-24’s.

Why should listeners of a certain age tune in radio when we as an industry are going out of our way to ignore these folks and advertisers (it is said) have no interest in catering to them on the radio.

Or is the truth that advertisers prefer to cater more to 25-54 and the lure of the so-called “money demo” is irresistable to those of us with a finite number of signals in each market?

In this competitive audio environment, you will not get what you don’t ask for.

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