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What the new iPod means to you

The sexy new iPods (and note they’re not called VIDEO iPods) represent a number of trends which have implications for the radio industry:

1. The importance of content, regardless of distribution channel (i.e., it’s not “terrestrial radio” or “satellite radio” or – God knows – “HD radio” – it’s what’s ON it that matters)

2. The importance of portability of that content (historically, radio was virtually the only truly portable entertainment content besides tapes and CD’s. Now you can substitute your own music mix for any radio station via your mp3 player, and you can even take your TV watching mobile. In the future, we’re one Wi-Fi connection away from transporting the entire Internet – and all of its audio and video offerings – wherever we go)

3. The importance of control in the hands of consumers (historically, they request it and we play what we want. Now they skip the requests and make their own radio stations. And the new iPods will give consumers control over more of their TV choices in like manner)

What do we as an industry do about these scary trends?

It all goes back to trend #1, folks.

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