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What’s your Brand Story

“Brands, says marketer Mark Thomson, “are the stories that unite us all in a common purpose within an enterprise, and connect us with the people we serve on the outside. Brand stories give meaning to who we are and what we do.”

So how does your station craft a compelling brand story? With clarity, consistency and character.

Clarity. First, make sure you know what you wish to say. This is the content of your brand: who you are, what you do, who you do it for, why it matters to them and how it’s different from anything else in the marketplace. Consistency. Then, make sure you say it (and show it) in the same way, wherever and whoever with you do business. This is how all your communications, actions and accomplishments start to work together, building up into the unity that is your brand presence in the marketplace. Character. Finally, give it a little oomph, panache, flair. This is where your personality shines through. It’s what brings you to life at an emotional level. It’s what makes people want to connect with you. It’s what turns necessity into desire. For example, it’s what turns the statement, “I need a new cell phone” into “I want that new cell phone.”
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