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What’s in a Name?

Everything, it turns out.

We’ve got this all wrong in the Radio business.

Instead of looking for the RIGHT name, we look for the familiar one.

And by familiar, I mean familiar to the radio biz. Hence, the plethora of “Stars” and “Magics” and “Points” and “Peaks.”

Here are some tips from INC magazine based on an interview with the author of the newish book Wordcraft.

The very first tip – write down a story of who the station is and what it does – is worth its weight in gold. And its something roughly 99.9% of radio stations do NOT do.

I have another problem: There are too many cases where we want to change format but stick with our old name “so the advertisers don’t perceive a change.”

Well, folks, if the advertisers don’t perceive the change, the listeners won’t either.

This sort of tying our hands behind our back is destined to either impede our progress or stop it dead in its tracks.

Don’t underestimate the power of a name – especially a NEW name.

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