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What Podcasting isn’t

Todd Storch presents his take on Clear Channel’s Z100’s efforts at “podcasting” which, in fact, aren’t really podcasts at all.

What they’re really doing is posting mp3’s for download. Whereas podcasting represents the passive movement of audio to your iPod without having to download it yourself. If you think that’s not different then consider the difference between going out to a restaurant and having your meal delivered to you at home.

Furthermore, Z100 is breaking its artist interviews into smaller pieces. I assume this is aimed at reducing the bandwidth burden – but it really is anti-listener in the sense that if I really want to hear an interview I have to download four different files in order to do so – with no idea what’s on each one.

Obviously, Z100 is trying to be open to other mp3 players besides iPods, and I don’t begrudge them that. But then why use the custom tailored term “podcast” when that’s not what you have? The listeners in-the-know will certainly not give you points for getting this wrong.

And for Z100, that’s most of them.

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