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What Listeners Believe

What people tell themselves is what they believe.

This is the point of this Seth Godin post. Therein, he cites research that indicates that a great neighborhood may or may not be that good by any objective measure. It’s that good because the residents there believe it is.

What people tell themselves is what they believe.

Now, shift gears to Radio…

And think about the negative PR onslaught we have been facing lately.

Now think about our efforts to reduce the overabundance of spots and trim their length.

Now think about the inanity of asking listeners whether or not they’ve noticed.

You see, people have decided that Radio is going downhill.


It’s the story they tell themselves, and thus it’s the one they believe.

As an industry we have to get out in front of this problem and tell a new, exciting story about what’s going on in our industry (which means, by association, that something new and exciting must go on in our industry if our audience is to be compelled to believe it).

When people start telling themselves that Radio is exciting again they will believe it.

What are you doing to make that story a reality?

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