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What JACK and its kin mean to you

JACK, BOB, BEN, or what have you.

The date to remember is September 2, 2005.

That’s the date by which I predicted last year there would be a JACK-formatted station in every sizable market in the country.

Now that the format has reached the proverbial “tipping point” I’m getting lots of questions about what and why it is.

For those of you interested in the background of the format, revisit this article I wrote last year on the topic (I’m told it was recently excerpted by Fred Jacobs – thanks, Fred!) and this one written by the man with all the JACK answers, Garry Wall.

P.S. note at the end of Garry’s piece there are actual LISTENER comments about the JACK station in Dallas! Yes, that’s right. Listeners are commenting on an industry article!

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