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What is “Brand Personality”?

It's by Poul Mikkelsen, a Partner at DDB Denmark.

Here's just a sample:

…consumers themselves play a part in creating and acting out the values that the brand represents. A strong community is a mutual collective based on interest, presence, respect and sympathy. In reality, customers are brand advocates who, in the new media universe, influence others who in turn influence others, and so on. In this way a brand story cascades out via “the best medium of all,” the consumer.

There has never ever been enough respect for radio stations as brands – not simply bundles of songs plus production plus (or, in many cases, minus) personalities.

The full dimensionality of a radio station's brand is exactly the antidote to oceans of new competitors, undifferentiated in any way except by the songs that they play.

Enjoy the article.

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