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What if Howard Stern was available online ONLY – for a price? Answer this poll.

Now you may pay $13 per month for Sirius – and many do so mostly for Stern or for pro sports.

So what if Howard were available online – not through Sirius XM or via terrestrial radio – but through the same Internet connection you’re accessing right now? For a price.

What would this be worth to you?

And assume that with Howard’s new stuff comes a wealth of audio, video and text content from the Howard-verse – on mobile, too.

<br /> <a href="">If Howard Stern were available to you online only &#8211; not on satellite or terrestrial radio &#8211; what&#8217;s the most you&#8217;d pay monthly for 3 or 4 new shows per week?</a><span style="font-size:9px;">(<a href="">opinion</a>)</span><br />

I encourage you to respond to this poll and to share it with others.

Maybe it will even influence the course of Howard’s deal negotiation.

(Yes, I know “nothing” is likely to be the a big write-in, but this poll is aimed at those who might listen, not at those who definitely would not)

I could also ask the question, do you want your Howard fix (if you have one) behind the satellite gates or on regular radio – but I already know how that one would come out.

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