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What cell phone makers know that we don’t know

From Radio & Records Managers’ Minute:

Motorola has unveiled the ROKR, a combination cell phone/MP3 player that can store about 100 songs. While that’s small compared to what many portable MP3 players like the iPod can hold, Solutions Research Group recently learned that over half of those with MP3 players store fewer than 100 songs in their players, while only 25% have over 500 songs stored.

Did you see that?

Over half those with MP3 players store fewer than 100 songs on their players.

Phones are being designed to hold less music, not more.

The newest iPods contain less capacity, not more.

What does this tell you about tripling the number of radio stations and listeners’ presumed desire for “more variety”?

The hits remain the hits.

And listeners want to hear their favorite songs.

Or they want to choose their own hits – and control the process.

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