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What a DJ really is

In a world where the listener, not the radio station, controls what they want to hear and when they hear it the primary need is not for a station which caters to the lowest common denominator but a station whose DJ’s provide a filter on the infinite volume of audio content which exists out there.

This was the traditional function of the DJ before he or she became selected less for their music knowledge than for their ability to say the words “Lite Rock, Less Talk” without flubbing.

To be sure, music knowledge matters more in some formats than in others. But don’t assume that it matters in none just because it doesn’t matter in all.

Google is to the Internet as the DJ is to the radio station. A way to filter content and find exactly what you’re looking for, even if its not exactly what you expect.

For any Jock who is more about music than talk, why else would a listener forge an association with him? What other possible value can that jock provide than to surprise and delight and, essentially, keep listeners in-the-know?

See if that’s not the message you get when you read between the lines of this article.

When everyone can be a DJ, it means everyone controls their music mix and acts as a filter for anyone listening.

But since when did this describe anyone on YOUR radio station?

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