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“We steal what we want”

More legal doings today on the JACK format front because more folks are throwing “We play what we want” into a magic hat and pulling out random phrases that sound just like it.

I’ve written about this before and this is the absolute last time.

Memo to all those who somehow believe the secret to the JACK format is to use words that look, sound, and feel like “We play what we want” (the trademarked JACK phrase):

You are being deluded. You are ignoring the book in favor of the cover because the cover is easy and pretty and colorful and the book is hard with lots of words and no pictures.

JACK is not because “We play what we want” any more than COKE is because “it’s the real thing” (or whatever its latest line is). JACK could drop that phrase tomorrow and it wouldn’t make a difference.

Can every clone version do the same?

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