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uBiquitous and iBiquitous are not the same thing

Occasionally I’m asked what response I’ve gotten from my writings on the problems of HD Radio from the powers-that-be in our industry or the folks at iBiquity, the force behind HD Radio’s drive into the minds of broadcasters, if not listeners, throughout the U.S.

Here’s the answer:


Not one word.

No one has called or written to debate my points.

No one has called or written to engage me in a conversation of positive strategies for HD Radio aimed at increasing the odds of success.

No one at the top of our industry or the top of iBiquity has called or written at all.

Is this what you would do if you were them?

I did get one note forwarded to me from a Radio industry consultant to iBiquity. That note essentially acknowledged that many of my points were correct, but that the Radio has no choice but to go digital anyway.

Of course, I never debated whether or not Radio should go digital. I’m all for going digital.

I’m not all for marketing a product that is designed to fail.

Anytime folks from iBiquity or elsewhere want to have a constructive discussion about how to make HD Radio successful, they know how to reach me.

Just be aware: I will not have all the answers. But I sure have plenty of the questions. And our industry will ignore those questions at our peril.

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